Executiva and LGPD
Secure Third-Party Management Experience
aligned with LGPD (acronym in Portuguese of
Brazil that stands for the General Data Protection Law)

By using Executiva Outsourcing’s Third-Party Management System – SG3, your third-party management process will be in compliance with the provisions of the LGPD with regard to technical and administrative measures.

All personal and sensitive data of the operation are protected by confidentiality agreements, which already provide for the security of the personal and business data of borrowers and providers.

Services and data are stored in a cloud environment, with maximum security and reliability.

Our professionals are trained to meet the highest LGPD compliance requirements.


Grupo 1056

Multiple encryption for data access control

Grupo 1060

Multi-layered infrastructure security

Grupo 1063

Effectiveness Tests: invasion audit

Grupo 1066

Resiliency and redundancy in processes

Grupo 1069

Incident and root cause reporting best practices

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