Hiring and Managing Third Parties doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a lot of your team’s time. At Executiva we know how important effective outsourced management is. 

That’s why we make the process easier with an exclusive methodology. All so that you have much more agility and security in outsourcing, controlling costs while maintaining the quality of the services provided and compliance with industry standards and legislation. Without problems and with the confidence of those who have been in the market for more than 25 years.

What is Third-Party Management?

Contracting with suppliers requires comprehensive compliance and security. The Outsourcing Law must be complied at each stage of the contractual journey, in line with the standards and other regulations applicable to each contracted service.

As a contracting party, your company needs to validate the legal adequacy of suppliers and third-party employees, ensuring that Labor, Social Security, Land, Safety and Occupational Health obligations are being respected.

Executiva Outsourcing, the largest company in the national market in third-party management, created its own innovative methodology, which brought security throughout this process to your company.

Exclusive methodology with SG3

Executiva Outsourcing unifies all third-party audit processes in its own digital platform, SG3 – Third-Party Management Software.

All your outsourcing data is managed and stored in the cloud, with customizable management reports and customized processes from approval (pre-hiring) to monthly monitoring (post-hiring).

Executiva also trains its managers and service providers in an innovative education initiative in Third Party Management, ensuring maximum qualification and sustainable partnerships, through its exclusive teaching platform, UniEx.

Find out why we do it differently

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Customizable Management
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Reduction of Liability


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